We are Aeson Event Technologies


Aeson LED Display Technologies has, in the last four (4) years become a leading manufacturerLED Video Displays. We have become recognized for the highest quality products, technical expertise, outstanding responsive customer service, exemplary delivery, and impeccable after sales service.

Aeson LED Display Technologies sources its LED screens from factories that excel in a specific LED technology. This enables Aeson to offer an extensive range of the “best of the best” and the latest from what is available in the market. By contrast most of our competition offers LED screens from a single supplier. Chinese competitors, obviously, only offer products from their own limited production range.

Aeson LED Display Technologies offers a full range of LED Video Screens from indoor to outdoor LED video screens, from HD-4K pixel pitches as low as P.8 to outdoor pixel pitches of P31.

Aeson LED Display Technologies can also supply front and/or rear access LED video screens, curved screens, dance floors and transparent glass LED screens.

Aeson LED Display Technologies works exclusively with integrators and consultants in providing optimal solutions for their customer’s LED needs. We specialize in the House of Worship, Corporate, School and University, Stadium and Arena, restaurant, club, and cruise ship markets.

The Aeson LED Display Technologies technical team, by working with consultants from the conceptual stages of a project, will help define the specific LED needs of their clients. Aeson LED Display Technologies assembles and tests all LED video screen in its facility, upon arrival in the USA to ensure that all issues have been resolved before the LED video screen is shipped to the customer. Aeson LED Display Technologies will be on site to supervise the installation of the screen and turn the LED screen over to the client in perfect working order.

Aeson LED Display Technologies provides the end users with ample spare parts to ensure that “the show will go on”. The damaged spare parts are returned to our facility located just west of Orlando, for repair, assuring a quick turn- around as opposed to having to send the damaged parts back to China. The exception to this rule is any modules that have been physically damaged. We now have the ability to repair even the smallest pixel pitches in the USA. All other vendors must ship small pixel pitch modules back to China for repair.

Aeson LED Display Technologies is committed to long-term on-going customer service. We will never leave you “high and dry”. Whether that entails walking the customer through problems by phone, accessing your system via the internet to solve an issue, sending a technician to solve difficulties on site, and being there for a customer past the expiration of the warranty period.

The following Aeson products are the “latest and greatest” items we are offering from our Aeson LED Products, Aeson Lighting and Aeson Truss, lines.